The PGM series TRIPLE rotary meter has an essentially uniform rate of discharge throughout the cycle of operations resulting in a pulsation free output achieved by the special design of the rotor and the rotary abutment. Positive displacement rotary vanes continuously divide the flowing gas into an individual volume. Each revolution of the output shaft represents a precise volume that has passed through the meter. PGM TRIPLE rotary meters provide significantly improved accuracy over conventional rangeability, making them ideal choices for reference or master meter applications. 



Through the special configuration and design, the TRIPLE rotary gas meter has the following advantages:

•   Uniformly high accuracy of measurement of flow through the meter throughout the entire operating range;
•   Essentially uniform rate of delivery or discharge of gas throughout the cycle of operation;
•   Non-pulsating pressure characteristics throughout the cycle of operation;
•   Essentially noiseless operation throughout the cycle of operation;
•  Smooth operation at all speeds with essentially uniform nominal loading and wearing of moving parts resulting in long life time with sustained accuracy of measurement  of flow.

Developed to attend the highest requirements in terms of accuracy, stability and noise level, PGM TRIPLE reference meter is ideal for Metrology Institutes or laboratory purposes.


It is the primary object of the TRIPLE rotary gas meter to overcome the conventional lobe-type meter deficiencies by providing a novel positive displacement rotary gas meter with a unique rotor design. The conventional figure-8 lobed impeller rotary meter design inherently creates pulsations as gas flows through the measurement chamber. This is a common and typical phenomenon with conventional rotary meters. For conventional rotary piston meters this may result in appreciable systematic errors at specific flow rates, affecting the linearity of the calibration curve. 


The characteristic cyclic variation in delivery or discharge, inseparable from lobe design, causes correspondingly large undesirable pressure pulsation, represented by the sine curve. The TRIPLE rotary meter is an improvement on conventional lobed-impeller meters and overcomes the above- mentioned lobe-type meter deficiency by its special rotor configuration.