• Reference Flow Meters

    Reference Flow Meters

    The PGM series TRIPLE rotary meter has an essentially uniform rate of discharge throughout the cycle of operations resulting in a pulsation free output achieved by the special design of the rotor and the rotary abutment.


Precision Gas Measurement B.V. provides turnkey rotary meter and turbine meter refurbishing and calibration services at its fully equipped meter cleaning and repair facility. 

Reference rotary gas meters

Triple rotary meters provide significantly improved accuracy over conventional rangeability, making them ideal choices for reference or master meter applications.


Precision Gas Measurement B.V. provides a complete flow meter calibration service on most flow meter types to a wide range of flow rates.



Precision Gas Measurement B.V. (PGM) is a specialist for Flow Measurement & Control and systems focussed on gas with their location in the Netherlands. The company is devoted to engineering, production and sales of rotary displacement meters (reference meters) and has expertise in calibration, revision and repair of many flow meters, such as rotary and turbine meters. (National) Measurement Institutes, industrial companies, energy suppliers, value PGM's master meter and calibration technology. A dedicated team of experienced engineers combined with gas flow experience and metering know-how, provides a strong foundation for state-of-the-art measurement solutions.

Precision Gas Measurement B.V.



The global involvement in flow calibration systems and master meters, make Precision Gas Measurement B.V. a reputable partner for metrological institutes, gas companies and (flow meter) manufacturers. Several well-known measurement institutes use PGM's master meter technology. We fulfill our customer's high quality requirements with high quality products, measurement solutions and calibration services. 









The calibration/test facility is equipped with a special range of reference meters optimized for test facilities and travel standards. The focus of these meters is on repeatability, long term stability and free of pulsations. The calibrations are carried out with air at ambient temperature and pressure. The volumes of air passage through the flow meter under test and the reference test bench are compared by the use of the calibration software. The clamping mechanism can be equipped with selected adapters regarding different connections to gas meters. With the (automatic) clamping device, the clamping pressure ensures the sealing without the need to tighten bolts and to install heavy pipe spools. Each measurement point, flowrate, settling time, time for one measurement, and measurement mode are set by the software. The data is recorded for subsequent processing.




Developed to attend the highest requirements in terms of accuracy, stability and noise level, PGM TRIPLE reference meter is ideal for Metrology Institutes or laboratory purposes.